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Blessed Concepción Cabrera

As you may have noticed, on the left side of our parish building there was a

"small" remodeling of our temple building. I used the word "small" in a sarcastic way because for our parish, a remodeling of this magnitude, cannot be small. As we have been announcing these past Sundays, the Holy Father, Pope Francis, decided to beatify Concepción Cabrera yesterday, May 4th. I have already written some articles and I have expressed how I feel about it. But I want to share with you the decree that the Holy Father has written regarding the beatification of Concepción Cabrera, and I do so because this parish is very deeply connected with the new Blessed.




welcoming the wishes of our Brother

Cardinal Carlos Aguiar Retes,

Metropolitan Archbishop of Mexico,

and of many brothers in the Episcopate

and a multitude of the Faithful,

and having consulted the opinion of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints,

by virtue of our Apostolic Authority

grant that the Venerable Servant of God


widow of Armida, laywoman, and mother,

who, searching and following God’s divine will, witnessed to the salvific power of the Cross of Christ, inspiring and founding several religious institutes and lay movements,

should henceforth be called Blessed

and her feast may be celebrated, in the places and according to the rules established by the law,

on March 3rd, the day of her heavenly birth.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Given in Rome, next to St. Peter, on April 4

in the Year of Our Lord 2019,

the seventh year of our Pontificate


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