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Catholic Education

Dear brothers and sisters,

Catholic education is one of the richest traditions the Church has, not only in this country but in the Western hemisphere. The Catholic Church has contributed to the preservation of education and culture in various parts of the world. Here in this country, in different regions, Catholic education has strongly marked the lives of several people. Several of the Religious Orders and Congregations that have sprung up in the Church have been inspired with the goal to train students as disciples of Jesus, with Christian values while providing the academic education they need.

In our archdiocese, Archbishop José Gómez is a strong advocate of Catholic education in

the schools that the Archdiocese administers. In fact, the Archdiocese has a department called the “Department of Catholic Schools.” That is to say, the Church in this diocese continues to believe that Catholic education is positive for students and that through it can positively affect contemporary society. Following the spirit and instructions of the Archbishop, and also because I believe in the great potential of Catholic education, I invite you to consider enrolling your children in the school of our parish.

As you may already know, Catholic education is sustained through the tuition paid for each student. Perhaps some of you believe that you cannot afford catholic education. However, may I remind you that at our school we handle each case on an individual basis and there is financial help if you qualify for it.

Rev. Manuel Rosiles, MSpS

“Not just a school, but a family”

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish School

Open Enrollment 2019-2020 | Preschool-Seventh Grade

A Catholic, spiritual and academic education, focused on developing a

personal relationship with Christ, community service and

professional success in the future of children.

You could qualify for financial assistance

Call (805) 483-5116

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